Since 1978, we have researched, manufactured, and distributed fibers tailored to specific applications and the demands of an ever-expanding construction community.


Our customers are not just a sale; they become our long-term partners.  From the lab to the job site, FORTA is there every step of the way!

Fiber Reinforcement Leader

FORTA supplies the highest quality synthetic reinforcement fibers and services to the global construction industry.


FORTA’s synthetic reinforcement fiber reduces project costs by shortening the construction time while extending your concrete application’s life.

Industries we service

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Stronger Lasting™

Since 1978, the products, services and people of FORTA have played an important role in the design, construction and preservation of Stronger Lasting™ roads, bridges and buildings around the globe. Through an ongoing commitment to research and development, FORTA will continue to envision and construct the future of reinforcement fibers.

Improved Quality

Macro synthetic fibers are the latest advancement in fiber technology and have been in existence for over 10 years. The shape and collation of FORTA Fibers allows for the introduction of much higher quantities of longer length fibers into the concrete.

Reduction in Construction Time

FORTA Fibers can safely and reliably replace all non-structural steel in slab-on-grade concrete. Using traditional wire mesh or steel rebar in slab-on-ground applications can come with a list of safety issues. Wire mesh can be difficult to lay down and raise a tripping hazard among concrete workers on job sites. Without using these traditional methods, FORTA Fibers allows for significant safety improvements while decreasing labor and total project costs.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Using FORTA Fibers in mixes offers many benefits that contribute to short-term and long-term cost savings for every project. FORTA Fibers’ extra heavy-duty fiber offers maximum long-term durability, structural enhancements, and effective secondary/temperature crack control by a unique fiber system of long length design. If that wasn’t enough, FORTA Fibers are also non-corrosive, non-magnetic, and 100% alkali-proof.

Easy To Use

Supplying reinforcing fibers to the construction industry since 1978 has taught us that to be effective, the product has to be simple to add to both batch plants and drum plants at all production speeds at a prescribed dosage.


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The FORTA Mission

Circles of Strength

The FORTA logo was originally designed to represent a cross-section of the company’s reinforcement fibers. Today, it also serves as a “Circle of Strength” – with each of its individual components symbolically representing the company’s many distinctive products and services as well as its unconditional commitment to the customers, business partners and industries it serves.
At its core is leadership, which has remained strong, constant and forward-facing for four decades.
Complementing this enduring foundation are the people of the FORTA Corporation whose professionalism, expertise and dedication have formed strong bonds of partnership with its many clients and supply chain partners.
Sustaining these relationships is the result of outstanding support and responsive service in addressing an ever-expanding universe of needs and challenges.
Attaining and maintaining the Company’s growth and prosperity has been enabled by an ongoing commitment to innovation, which has resulted in products of the highest quality, value and performance characteristics.



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